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MedValue Provider Database Maintenance Services™

Are you finding that your claims department is overburdened by pended claims due to missing or incorrect provider information?

MedValue Provider Data Services accurately sets up new Providers, Provider Groups, and Facilities into your Claims Adjudication System. We also manage any and all changes and updates to the Provider Information, so that your claims are accurately processed.

Key Features

1. Add and maintain pertinent information into your claims adjudication system from the provider

2. Review W9s and supporting documentation and enter required information to set up providers accurately into claims system

3. Setup Provider Groups and Facilities in addition to Individual Providers

4. Manage several provider attributes such as Indicative Sections, Multiple locations, addresses, payment information, tax information, Out-of-Network and additional details.

5. Correct missing or incorrect provider information so that pended claims are released on a timely basis from your system.

6. Removal or termination of obsolete providers

7. Search and Retrieve the W-9s and its associated attachments on our Document Management System (DMS) using various criteria such as Tax-ID, Provider Name, Address, Facility, etc.

Key Benefits

1. Significant Cost Savings
Our Provider Data Services provide savings of approximately 40-60% compared to your in-house staff.

2. Better Accuracy reduces pended and inaccurately paid claims
Our Provider Database team thoroughly reviews each W9 and associated documentation resulting in higher
accuracy and fewer support calls

3. Instant Access to all documents
Flexible and easy to search Document Management System provides access to W9’s and other provider documentation.

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Phone Number : 1-877-528-1683