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MedValue has indepth experience in processing Utility data such as Utility Bills, Meter Readings, Customer Communications, Chat Support, and more.

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Outsourcing for the Utility Industry

The utility companies are on their way to creating a new world landscape with alternative energy resources. With multiple changes brought in by the energy regulatory firms and the adoption of new technologies, companies need to revise their focus and strategies. For this purpose, outsourced utility services are pitched in as the best practice to tackle mundane tasks to save our Utility Company Clients between 40-60% off their fully loaded in-house costs.

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Why Choose To Outsource In The Utility Sector?

Outsourcing is a strategic action for businesses to compete with the players in the challenging utility industry. The key focus of every utility company is to keep reduced costs, ensure higher customer satisfaction, and improve efficiency.

And to accomplish such uphill tasks, outsourcing is a highly preferred practice through which utility companies can manage various key tasks.

To understand the need for outsourcing for utility companies, it’s better to focus on its benefits.

What are the Benefits? 

There are immeasurable benefits of outsourcing for utility companies as there are too many functional areas that they can outsource. Following are a few to mention –

  • Better Budgeting

Outsourcing enables utility companies to follow a better budgeting process and reduces their overhead costs of hiring and retaining employees.

  • Increased Focus On Core Competencies

Hiring a third-party firm to outsource some of the key roles allows the full-time employees to focus more on core business growth areas.

  • Better customer Experiences

Outsourcing allows you to enable better bill processing and management that delivers better customer experiences.

Common Functions Available To Outsource In The Utility Industry

  • Utility Bill Processing

Outsourcing Bill Processing is one of the many functions that can be outsourced. It takes off a large portion of the manual efforts and automates the process.

  • Utility Bill Management

From generating receipts for utility bill payments to managing and preventing late fees, outsourcing streamlines the whole bill management of your business in a hassle-free manner.

  • Utility Bill Reporting

Data is collected from all the bill payments, and there is made available to view across multiple platforms to ensure sustainable reporting.

Why Us?

  • Specialized Professionals

The teams we outsource comprise specialized professionals that are experts in performing customer service, IT, etc., roles for the utility customers.

  • High-quality work

Only an experienced and skilled workforce takes care of your critical business functions and performs with better productivity by working in an advanced professional space.

  • Cloud-Based

The outsourced teams work on cloud-based servers to ensure seamless coordination.

  • Flexible Working Hours

Our Outsourced teams can be deployed in multiple shifts that suit your business model and working hours.

Commonly Outsourced Utility Roles

MedValue can assist you with the following roles: 

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Project Manager
  • Collections Specialist
  • Billing Specialist
  • Account Executive
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