Tollway Image Review Processing

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Automated and Manual Image Review

We have AI based technology which can automate capture of places into correct data elements and provide accurate information such as, Plate Number, State/Jurisdiction, and Plate Type. If the AI indicates low confidence score, that information is captured in Manual Image Review System (either client-hosted, or in-house) and the resulting data is over 99.9% accurate.


Violation Notices/Invoices Management

A lot of violators would challenge the Invoices/Violation Notices. Additionally all information is needed to be accurate or the violator can dispute the charge. We would review all violation notices for accuracy and make any corrections that are necessary so that best plate image is printed on the notice to ensure that disputes with violators are minimized.

Specialty Plate Capture

Our team possesses experience in processing specialty plates of all 50 US states, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Each plate consists of its own business rules and unique positioning of characters and numbers and need to be processed carefully and accurately.


We are a leading provider of services exclusively supporting the Electronic Toll Industry. Our services assist our clients in reducing total cost of processing each License Plate Image capture by 60-70% and also, support many ancillary functions such as Invoice Management, Customer Service, Billing, Violator Management, and many more. Contact Us today to discuss how our services can improve your bottom line. 

Customer Service Support

We can handle incoming calls and also take incoming payments from toll violators. Detailed reports are provided so that you can see measurable improvement in quality of handling each incoming call, and also, reduce your costs dramatically.
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Phone Number : 1-877-528-1683