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MedValue Charge Entry™ – Billing

MedValue offers Billing Support Services to successful third-party medical billing companies. MedValue Complete™ is a cost-effective solution that is uniquely customized to improve your profits and relieve you of the pressures of hiring, training and motivating ineffective employees.

MedValue Charge-Entry™ Solution
  • A completely seamless solution that minimizes data-entry while utilizing your coding guidelines and billing software.
  • Rapid and seamless transition to MedValue’s Operations Center in India in 30 days or less
  • Complete HIPAA Compliant process and remote access solution keeps data in your control.
  • Proficient and highly trained medical billing personnel and AAPC Certified Coders
  • Audit teams enforce strict quality control
  • 24×7 work shifts process all activities with aggressive schedules.
Key Benefits
  • As the company owner, you focus your time on bringing in new physician accounts and not on hiring, training, and motivating ineffective staff.
  • Our billing experts assist your staff in charge-entry, payment posting and other manual chores while your billing staff focus on negotiating payments with payors and on improving collections for your physician customers.
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Phone Number : 1-877-528-1683